Happy Birthday to Jesse Boyer

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday to Jesse Boyer, Hill Bros. Vice President of Logistics! Of course, Logistics, made the most of Jesse with lots of sparkle and glitter! He got to sport a 40 crown and sash and randomly glitter bombed! LOL At least that cake looks delicious.

Ellie is Back on the Road!

Ellie Herron was a driver, and a State Champion, for Hill Brothers for well over a decade. She was diagnosed with cancer and had to come off the truck. For years, she continued to serve Hill Brothers in operations and recruiting, while she battled her disease. Here is the best part of this announcement: Ellie fought and won that battle and is now cancer free! Shortly after her clean bill of health, Ellie made a heartfelt declaration that she wanted to return to the road. For the last 6 weeks, she has overcome hurdles and obstacles and is now, once again, a certified CDL-A holder, and a qualified Hill Brothers Driver.
We couldn’t be more proud of her and are thrilled to see her return to the work she loves!
Please join us in congratulating Ellie and wish her God Speed and safe travels!
Please see our video on Ellie posted on Youtube!

Nebraska Trucking Association Awards

Nebraska Trucking Association Awards

September 11, 2021 – last Friday evening, the Nebraska Trucking Association held their annual awards ceremony. Hill brothers is proud to announce that 36 of our drivers received the President’s Safe Driver’s Club awards! The awards were accepted on their behalf by Hill Brother’s Raul Soria, Safety Director. Prior to announcing the awards the NTA honored those lost in 9-11 with a memorial ceremony. The ceremonies were followed by a fireworks display.

The most exciting news is….

Hill Brothers is proud to announce Nebraska Trucking Association Driver of the year is our own, Raymond “Joe” Brooks, Jr. – known around the yard as, Animal. This was also the 21st time he has won the President’s Safe Driver Club Award! Chants of “Animal! Animal! Animal!” echoed through the stadium as he collected the award. Congratulations, Animal!

“This is a very big deal and we are so very proud of Joe Brooks.” – Al Hill


Check this list to see if you or someone you know is on the list and join us in congratulating them! (The number after their name is the number of times they have received this award.):

Raymond Brooks, Jr. (21)

Gerry Winn (17)

Robert Pauley (12)

Christopher Shane (11)

Faron Tucker (9)

Robert Coufal (8)

Michael Waters (7)

Blake Tomlin (6)

Paul Brooks (6)

Jefferty Shoopman (6)

David Standring (6)

Keith Marshall (5)

Alton Jones (5)

Jean Paul Carbonez (4)

Aaron Talmon (4)

Richard Selman (4)

Kim Goering (4)

Vereen Gaughen (4)

Robert Herechski (4)

Ethan Christiansen (3)

Rhonda Hatch (3)

Darwin Weinbrandt (3)

Anthony Mitchell (3)

Sabri Roy Tumbel (3)

John Peterson (2)

Tracie Ernst (2)

Marc Hoffman (2)

Lynn Thomas (2)

David Bryant (1)

Michael Ernst (1)

Jacob Lundholm (1)

Daniel Holeman (1)

Nicolas Mata-Infante (1)

Daniel Suggs (1)

Robert Sutcliffe (1)

Bryan Witzenberg (1)