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At Hill Bros. Transportation our goal is to stay ahead of the ever changing paradigm shifts that structure the industry we are in. By utilizing the latest technology, we have leveraged our company to be in position to handle any requirements put forth by our customers, drivers and government regulations. We have also taken the steps to ensure efficiency to improve costs of doing business so we can pass some of those savings on to our customers and drivers. Some of the latest transportation technology resides right here at Hill Bros.

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TMW Systems software serves the needs of diverse businesses in the transportation services sector, from traditional customers in the trucking industry as well as shippers and 3PLs. Manufacturers, retailers and other direct shippers, with or without their own private fleets, are using TMW software in logistics and supply chain operations to reduce transportation costs while executing with greater control and visibility. TMW Systems offers the functionality to maximize efficiency and increase revenue without the need to increase staff – therefore creating opportunities to operate at lower costs. With the utilization of TMW Systems, we offer the following tools to our customers & drivers to better serve your needs on your schedule!

As a customer service portal for our TMW enterprise software, eStat empowers our customers with tools to place their orders quickly and more accurately and track the status on their own loads. Our staff reduces time spent on data entry, phone calls and reporting. Our customers appreciate the speedy updates on orders, the immediate response to status requests and the automated load tenders without the overhead of EDI.

With CIS, our customers can receive regular PM-due notifications for specific equipment and can check on status of open repair orders, vehicle maintenance histories, they can request repair estimates for specific service items or schedule an appointment for service and pull up a range of valuable reports about their fleet history, costs per mile or per vehicle and more.

Carrier Hub
Web-based application that allows a trucking company or broker to post available loads for third-party carriers on the Internet. In turn, these carriers use Carrier Hub to submit requests for the loads that they want to haul, and to track and update the progress of assigned loads.


Omnitracs has the knowledge, applications, hardware and services to meet our company’s fleet management needs. With nearly 25 years of experience, they are the industry leader in commercial fleet management. They understand the many challenges facing fleets like ours today, from containing costs and operating efficiently to meeting government safety regulations and retaining good drivers.

With these challenges in mind, Omnitracs offers mobile fleet management solutions and information services designed to meet the needs of our fleet and operational challenges. Their solutions use sophisticated information technology, but are easy to implement and use.

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