Hill Bros. Wellness

Back To School Drive

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We have a box set out near the entryways of each building if you’d like to donate!! If you’d like to donate money we can pick up the supplies for you!

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We Stand Up To Cancer!

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As you may or may not know, all of us here at Hill Brothers have been supporting Ellie Herron as she continues her battle against cancer.  John & Brett Beverage both shaved their heads last night showing their support.  We captured this picture of the three of them this morning!  YEP – all three of them styling with “Bare Noggins”.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 

Remember – not everybody is a designated driver!  Don’t rely on “Luck” to get you through the day…  Please be safe!

St. Patricks Day

One Million Safe Miles

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We are pleased to announce that 8 year driver of Hill Brothers, Anthony Mitchell has successfully achieved One Million Miles of Safe Driving. Anthony’s efforts, conscientious behaviors and integrity enables Hill Brothers Transportation to be a success in the trucking industry. Congratulations Anthony for a job well done!

Pictured left to right: Patrick Hill, Scott Hill, Anthony Mitchell, and Peter Hill.

Merry Christmas

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Christmas is about laughter, love, friends and family.  Don’t get lost in the greed, instead be thankful for all of the joy around you.


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