One Million Safe Miles

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We are pleased to announce that 20 year veteran driver of Hill Brothers, Gary Cline has successfully achieved One Million Miles of Safe Driving. Gary’s efforts, conscientious behaviors and integrity enables Hill Brothers Transportation to be a success in the trucking industry. Congratulations Gary for a job well done!

Hill Bros. & Volvo demonstrate Collision Mitigation Technology

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MOUNTVILLE, S.C. — Volvo Trucks North America showcased the next generation of collision-mitigation technology available on its trucks and touted the product offering as its latest move to enhance road safety.

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Speed Limiter Rule

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ATA won’t support proposed speed limiter rule as is

While it continues to support the idea of electronic speed limiters on all heavy-duty trucks, one of this country’s largest trucking organizations now says it will not support the federal government’s current proposal mandating them. It also reiterated its request for more time to respond to the proposed rule.

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Electric Semi Truck – Nikola One

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Electric Class 8 truck promises 2,000 hp, 1,200 miles

Nikola Tesla – renowned inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist – is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, and as a genius rivaled only by the likes of Thomas Edison.

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