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We have been experiencing some delays with TripPak’s processing and it might be beneficial to review the deadlines.

For Owner Operators: Trips are settled on Friday for those that are in our system by midnight Wednesday.

For our Company drivers: Trips are settled on Monday for those that are in our system by midnight Thursday. We settle all trips that are in the system queue each week.

Please do NOT call, or argue with office people on this, as they have no control over this situation.

TripPak is an independent company and we have no control over how quickly they process information. If you are submitting your trips electronically, please know that trips submitted as a group have been sporadic. We recommend you submit one at a time with several minutes in between. Even then, there is no guarantee it will be in our queue in time.

If you are submitting your trips via envelopes, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for the trip to show up in our queue, so if you are dropping it off on Wednesday, it will be processed the following week.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.